Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

Established : 1960
A institute of national importance, MANIT was started in 1960 as Maulana Azad College of Technology. . Department of Architecture and Planning was established in the year 1963 with the mission “To enrich the society by providing architects and planners of highest quality, who would take leadership to promote, disseminate, develop and transfer technology for the overall development of the society.” The research works under taken by the institute is of a wide variety with special focus on cases of MP. The alumni of the department are successful practicing architects and planners all over the country.

Courses Offered:

Undergraduate Degree Programmes Postgraduate Degree Programmes Doctoral Programmes
Bachelor of Architecture Master of Planning in Urban Planning
Bachelor of Planning Master of Architecture

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Aditya Soni

Unit Treasurer



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Convention Unit Coordinator Unit Treasurer Associate Editor Unit Webmanager Unit Secretary
XVIIIth convention CityGram- Online Gautami Kushwaha Shruti Jain Salka Khan
XVIIth convention (Abhyudaya) at COE Pune Ram Suthar Ayush Chaturvedi Gautami Kushwaha
XVIth convention (Samavesh) at SPA Bhopal Shrijit Mazumdar Arpit Sahu Kanika Bimrah
XVth convention (Anusandhaana) at IDS Mysore Shrijit Mazumdar Arpit Sahu Chaitanya Singh
XIVth convention (Credence) at SPA Delhi Anugrah Nagaich Gungun Shivani Chouhan
XIIIth convention (Ethos) at CEPT Ahmedabad Richard Rozario Anugrah Nagaich Anugrah Nagaich
XIIth convention (Equinox) at GNDU Amritsar Amit Haldar Anugrah Nagaich Richard Rozario
XIth convention (Convergence) at SPA Delhi Amit Haldar Anusha Saxena Richard Rozario
Xth convention (Abhikrama) at CEPT Ahmedabad Amit Haldar Anusha Saxena Ritika Mandhyan