Application of GIS in Smart Cities

Cities are spatial, cultural, social, economic, political, legal, democratic and ecological system. Cities have abilities to uplift any nation, converting cities to smarter cities makes smarter nations by planning, management, governance and development systems. Smart city tries to identify a smarter option for escalating the end-user satisfaction and accelerating development. GIS allows viewing, interpreting and […]

Citizen Engagement In Smart Cities

Citizen Participation in planning has a long history. It has always been a contested concept. Its applicability in many cases does not reflect the actual purpose of citizen engagement. Very few times public inputs are actually incorporated during any participation process. Participation is redistribution of power and to imply this many laws and acts have […]

Towards Women Friendly Cities

Women are an integral part of the society. They are the pillars of our society without whom the society will collapse. They have learned to lead, have challenged existing norms of society and have taken a proactive role in changing traditions and rewriting history. Yet they feel out of class. We have spaces where men […]

INDIA: In the Race to Modernity

INDIA, vastly known for its diverse culture and tradition is now losing its own identity, the neighbourhood culture, festivals in courtyard, welcome at chabutras all are changing to western culture and high rises. India not being India or retaining its own culture is converting to America or any ‘other’ country. Now-a-days planners, architects, and engineers […]

Planning as a Profession

“Planning”, the word even in its most generic form is all about forethought, to organize and achieve a desired goal/objective, a detailed route for solving a problem or stopping one from emerging. Forethought and the process of working towards the goal is a complex task, especially when it involves a large mass of people, opinions, […]