Who we are

NOSPlan – Organization of Students of Planning is a platform for planning students to share their thoughts and ideas about the planning profession and its practices among themselves, related bodies and planning professionals.

The aim of NOSPlan is to bring all the students and professionals of Planning together to enhance interaction between them and discuss the general issues related to the field. Exchange intellect and information to and fro between the students, professionals and academics within this field and hence increase the knowledge of each individual.

All the planning students, professional and academics and also the non-planners who might have an interest in the field are most welcome to join both the page and its discussions and openly express their views.

We hold Annual Convention each year at one of the eligible participating colleges where students come together to share their knowledge and discuss their ideas with the community. Apart from these, a lot of informal events are held which brings out the creative side of the students and lets them relax, unwind and have a whole lot of fun.

Our story

The present NOSPlan logo, was designed during the time of the 7th Annual NOSPlan Convention ‘Congruence’, hosted by School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, in 2004-05.The key purpose was to establish and formalise the NOSPlan brand. Until that time, various NOSPlan conventions used to have branding and individual logos, but there was no consistency in the identity of the organisation as such. This was also a time, when efforts were on to establish the organisation as a registered organisation – although that didn’t bear results immediately.

In terms of the actual design, when we started out with the concepts, our first idea was to have something that was fairly easy to reproduce – much like the logo of SPA Delhi, with the concentric triangles. So we started with basic geometric shapes – a single large square, inset with 4 smaller squares overlapped diagonally going top to bottom, left to right. Then we used these squares to populate the main letters of the acronym – N,O,S,P – and ‘Plan’ being one word – got fitted into the bottom-most square. The other was to use just a 2-tone colour palette – hence the blue and grey – although arguably there is also white.

Another idea was to introduce the blocks and voids approach to the graphic, leading to the white bands through the 4 squares. (pretty similar to the urban form diagrams planners do).

It is true that the stamp of it, i.e. the seal of the organisation, was pretty impressive looking.

To make the logo a bit contemporary, we softened two of the corners to rounded ones – the top-right and bottom-left. And finally used the top and right edges to include the full name of the organisation – because plain lines along all edges was too bland. The Hindi phrase (Pragatyev Pratishtha) was suggested by Fani Bhushan, and besides its meaning – Prestige/Dignity is Development – also introduced some Hindi text in the logo, which helped us break away from English-only.

The logo was selected from a host of other options – the process did go on for quite a while before finalising this.

Arnab Roy (2002 Batch)
Arun Savi V. N. (2002 Batch)
Fani Bhushan (2001 Batch)
Bachelor of Planning
School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

Executive Council

Akash Dhirendra Jha

College of Engineering, Pune
Akash Dhirendra Jha


S Mohana Vamshi Sharan

School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada
+91 96502266196
S Mohana Vamshi Sharan

General Secretary

Vishnu Shashank

Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
S Vishnu Shashank

National Web Manager

Advisory Board

Madhur Chitte


Madhur Chitte

Mustafa Kapadia


Mustafa Kapadia

Prof . Jyoti Gill

APIED Gujarat
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Prof . Jyoti Gill