National Photography Competition

Date: August 19, 2016


Theme- Staggered Breaths of Biotic Burgs and Bourgs

Terms and Conditions :-

  • • Only members of NOSPlan can participate.
  • • PRIZES-

    • o 1st- 5000/- Rs
    • o 2nd- 3000/- Rs
    • o 3rd- 2000/- Rs
    • o Each participant will be awarded with certificate.
  • • Max. 3 photo per entry
  • • Photo files to be named “Name_College1/2/3.jpg“
  • • File restriction: JPG
  • • Image final ratio should be brought to 16:9
  • • Minor editing is allowed (colour enhancing, brightness corrections etc).
  • • 1 text document to be included, containing the following:
    • o Name
    • o Email address
    • o Telephone number
    • o Facebook ID
    • o Brief statement on the photo/descriptive caption for photo
    • o Date taken and location details
    • o IMPORTANT: text document files to be named “Name_College1/2/3.docx”
  • • The sender confirms with their submission that they are the author of the photograph submitted and bears full responsibility in the event of any infringements of third party rights. The sender agrees that the documents submitted become the property of the organiser.
  • • NOSPlan Executiave Council makes all decisions concerning format and mount for the display of photographs. The NOSPlan reserves the right to share the images, including copyright details, with third parties for publicity purposes in a context of the exhibition
  • • You can not submit previously published material (on any platform including social media) to this competition. If found, student will be disqualified.
  • • One person can not win 2 or more prizes
  • • Last date of submission- 10 AM, 29th August
  • • Judging criteria –
    • o 70 % – Jury
    • o 30% – Public Votes
  • • All rights are reserved with NOSPlan Executive Council.
  • • Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, artistic merit and visual impact. The judges will be appointed by NOSPlan Executive Council.
  • • NOSPlan EC has right change the judging criteria/prize.
  • • Final results will be declared on NOSPlan Website and other social media handles of NOSPlan.
    • o Via Email to
  • • For any related queries-
    • o You can write to-
    • o Drop a message to

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